A woman's body floats alone in the void. Its very weightlessness seems to liberate it from the restraints of gravity, suspended somewhere between life and death. Behind this human mobile stands an immense angular screen that defines the performance space. Superimposed on the swaying body are images created and projected in real time. Mobile, the most recent work by Montreal multidisciplinary artist Carole Nadeau, invites the viewer to explore a poetic and surreal world. The work questions identity, the power of speech from deep within and our perceptions of reality. It also explores notions about the human body, its limits and its ultimate purpose, which is to say, death. The motorized staging challenges the traditional codes that condition the audience relationship to the stage, while the live video images created in front of us convey a poetic simplicity. The two elements are woven together in the scripting of this mobile narrative in the thriller genre.
Duration : 1 hour
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Guadalajara, Mexique, Festival of Mayo, 2012
Quito, Equator, Teatro Nacional Sucre, 2012
Quebec, Mois Multi festival, Méduse, 2010
Montreal, Espace Libre, 2010
A coproduction Le Pont Bridge and Les productions Recto-Verso

Text, direction and performance : Carole Nadeau
Assistant director : Steeve Dumais
Set design : Louis Hudon, Émile Morin, Carole Nadeau et Mathieu Thébaudeau
Video design : live : Louis Hudon pre-set : Carole Nadeau
Sound Design : Martine H Crispo
Control room : Steeve Dumais et Martine H Crispo
Creator-counsellor:: Martine H Crispo, Steeve Dumais et Louis Hudon
Stage machinery design : Émile Morin et Mathieu Thébaudeau
Stage machinery construction : Mathieu Thébaudeau
Video software control design and execution: Émile Morin et Pierre-0livier Fréchet-Martin
Lighting consultant: Mathieu Thébaudeau
Harness design and execution : Créations Fil Lion
Moderator: Alain Francoeur and Dominique Leduc
Technical Director: Mathieu Thébaudeau et Michel Fordin